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 ( Source from the book "Vietnam  - The Helicopter War" by Philip D. Chinney  Copyright 1991)

Helicopter Organization in Vietnam
There were four basic categories of the Army aviation units in Vietnam. The first was the Airmobile Division and only two such units operated in Vietnam; the 1st Cavalry Division which brought four heicopter battalions with it from the United States and the 101st Airborne Division, the later converting to Airmobile status whilst already in Vietnam in 1968. The second category was the regular infantry division's organic aviation unit, which comprised one aviation battalion of two companies and one Air Cavarly troop. One such example is the 25th Infantry Division's organic 25th Aviation Battalion, which arrived in Vietnam in 1966. The unit comprised 'A' and 'B' Company and 'D' Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry. Infantry Divisions which brought their own aviation battalions with them, included the 1st, 4th, 9th, 23rd (Americal), 25th, and the 101st.

 The third category was the non-divisional aviation companies. As more aviation companies were sent to Vietnam, aviation battalions were organized to exercise control over them. The battalions in turn came under the control of aviation groups. The number of aviation companies attached to a battalion would vary, as would the number of battalions under the control of a group. In March 1966 the 1st Aviation Brigade was formed to exercise central control of these non-divisional units and to ensure more effective use of resources, organization and experience.

 The fourth and final category covered the various smaller flights and detachments, which served USMACV, USARV, the Signal, Engineer, Artillery, Transport and other general support commands. Generally, smaller than an aviation company and often consisting of only one or two Hueys, these units operated a variety of aircraft, and eventually came under the control of the 1st Aviation Brigade. It would be appropriate to mention that the Army also operated fixed-wing companies and detachments in Vietnam, such as Surveillance, Utility and Reconnaissance Airplane Companies.

The 11th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 160th, 164th and the 165th Aviation Groups served with the 1st  Aviation Brigade at one time or another. Aviation Battalions subordinate to the Groups included the 10th, 11th,  13th, 14th, 52nd, 58th, 145th, 210th, 212th, 214th, 223rd, 258th, 269th, 307th, 308th, BUFFALO (Provisional) , CAPITAL (Provisional), DELTA (Provisional), and PHANTOM (Provisional).


D Troop (Air), 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry
D Troop (Air), 2nd Squadron,1st Cavalry
D Troop (Air), 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry
D Troop (Air), 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry
F Troop (Air), 4th Cavalry
D Troop (Air), 3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry
F Troop (Air), 8th Cavalry
F Troop (Air), 9th Cavalry, also known as H Troop (Air) , 16th Cavalry
D Troop (Air), 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry
H Troop (Air) , 10th Cavalry
Air Cavalry Troop, 11th Armored Cavalry regiment
C Troop (Air), 16th Cavalry
D Troop (Air), 17th Cavalry
H Troop (Air), 17th Cavalry

* Note: The 9th Air Cavalry Brigade (Provisional) was formed in December 1970 by the first Cavalry Division (Airmobile) to perform reconnaissance over a large part of the Cambodian border area. It comprised the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry (Reinforced) and the 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry, working with the Rangers of H Company, 75th Infantry and the combat tracker dogs of the 62nd Infantry Platoon. 

1st Aviation Brigade 

3rd AHC            Chickenman
17th AHC           Kingsmen, Lancers
18th CAC           Green Delta
25th CAC           Red Carpet
48th AHC           Blue Stars, Jokers
57th AHC           Gladiators, Cougars
59th CAC           Red Cloud
60th AHC           Ghost Riders
61st AHC            Lucky Stars, Star Blazers
62nd AML          Outlaws, Maverick
62nd CAC           Royal Coachmen
68th AML            Top Tigers, Raiders
68th AHC            Top Tigers, Mustangs
71st AHC             Rattlers, Firebirds
92nd AHC            Stallions, Side Kicks
114th AHC           Red Knight, White Knight, Cobras
116th AHC           Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Stingers
117th AHC           Warlords, Annie Fannies, Pink Panthers, Sidewinders
118th AHC           Thunderbirds, Choppers, Bandits
119th AHC           Alligators, Crocodiles
120th AHC           Deans, Razorbacks
121st AHC           Soc Trang Tigers, Vikings
128th AHC           Tomahawks, Gunslingers, Witchdoctor (Maintenance Ship)
129th AHC           Bulldogs, Cobras
132nd ASH           Hercules
134th ASH            Demons, Devils
135th AHC           Taipans, Emus
147th ASH            Hill Climbers
155th AHC            Stage Coach, Falcons
161st AHC            Pelicans, Scorpions
162nd AHC           Vultures, Copperheads
170th AHC             Bikinis, Buccaneers
173rd AHC            Robin Hoods, Crossbows
175th AHC             Outlaws,  Mavericks
176th AHC             Minute Men, Muskets
178th ASH              Boxcars
179th ASH              Shrimpboats
180th ASH              Big Windy
187th AHC             Crusaders, Rat Pack
188th AHC              Black Widows, Spider
189th AHC              Ghostriders, Avengers
190th AHC              Spartans, Gladiators
191st AHC              Boomerangs, Bounty Hunters
192nd AHC            Pole Cats,  Tiger Sharks
195th AHC             Sky Chiefs, Ghost Riders, Thunder Chickens
196th ASH              Flipper
197th AHC             Gangbusters, Playboys
200th ASH              Pachyderms
201st CAC              Red Barons
203rd ASH              Wildcats
205th ASH              Geronimos
213th ASH              Black Cats  
235th AWC             Delta Devils
238th AWC            Gunrunners
240th AHC             Greyhounds, Mad Dogs
242nd ASH             Muleskinners
243rd ASH             Freight Train
271st ASH              Inn Keeper
272nd ASH             ?
273rd HH                Superhook
281st AHC              Intruder, Ratpack, Bandits, Wolfpack 
282nd AHC             Black Cats, Alley Cats
334th AWC             Sabers, Playboys, Raiders, Dragons
335th AHC              Cowboys, Falcons
336th AHC              Warriors, Thunderbirds
355th HH                 Workhorse 
361st AWC              Pink Panthers
362nd ASH              Fly United
478th HH                 Hurricane



AHC - Assault Helicopter Company
AML - Air Mobile Light
ASH -  Assault Support Helicopter
AWC - Aerial Weapons Company
CAC - Corp Aviation Company
HH - Heavy Helicopter

Each Huey company usually comprised two platoons of transport "Slicks" and one of "Gunships"