A web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War through poetry, stories, and photos by combat veterans.

Hosted by Vietnam Veteran Bill McDonald

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*Experiences of Bill McDonald
All these drafts of stories appear in the book "A Spiritual Warrior's Journey"

*Rockets Red Glare

Out, Out Damn Spot

*Panic In The LZ

   *Leaving the Nam

*"No Band Playing"

*"Martha Raye"
* This story appears in the books "Angels in Vietnam" by Jan Hornung
and " A Spiritual Warrior's Journey" by W. H. McDonald Jr.

Experiences of 
CW2 James Craig Porter
Tet 1968 - Robin Hood Style 

Tet -Follow-up Story

Crossbow Gunship Action 1968



 Experiences of Ron Heller

A Brave New World
Impressions on Arrival in Viet Nam

Admin Company
 My first taste of battle with the "Remington Raiders" We don't retreat, we just backspace.

The Red Swinging Doors
 My introduction to the inscrutable orient.

Fort Apache
I finally join the Infantry.

Techniques, tactics and some not-so-typical ambushes.

The Dead Man in the O-Club
The warrior at leisure.

Recon Platoon
I become Reconnaissance (Recon) Platoon Leader.

13 Days at Phu Hoa Dong
A Village Seal Operation

Company C
I get put back in the barrel.

Discipline and Morale
Observations on discipline, morale and leadership.

The Last Days
Back to the World

Biographical Information:
or "More Than You Want to Know About Ron Heller"


Both Photos by Lt. William Dean
101st Airborne Division 1970

The Experiences of William Dean

In-country With The 101st Airborne

Mines - My Last Patrol

The Worm

The Phone Call

The Experiences of
Billy R. Whisenant USMC


The Leach

The Experiences of
Jim Schueckler 192nd AHC

A Failed Night Ranger Extraction

Little Green Bugs

* This story appears in the book "Spinning Tales" by Jan Hornung








The True Nature of Courage
 By Rodney R. Brown - 147th ASHC Hillcimbers 
* This story appears in the book "Spinning Tales" by Jan Hornung

 Reflections In The Wall
By Al Kimball - 128th AHC Tomahawks

 FNG With The 7th Cavalry
By Don Frederick

 Cords of Wood
Edward Ewing - 128th AHC Tomahawks

 The Becky  
A story to warm the heart by Joe Holt - USMC

 The Last Noel
Robert Dirr - Hospital Corpsmen

Once More , Before I Die
James Murtaugh USMC

 Story of Ruby The Dog
Mac Dorsey

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